Here are two regularly updated and popular blogs on medicinal chemistry and drug discovery.  Practitioners and other enthusiasts might consider bookmarking these.

1. In the Pipeline:  Keep track of the latest in drug discovery and development here—and if desired, the author’s partisan rants and other political opinions.  The main subject matter is not limited to small molecule therapeutics, as he also covers biologics like CAR T-cell therapies, antibody-drug conjugates, and antibodies.  In the Pipeline is written by science blog vanguard Derek Lowe, a Research Fellow at Vertex Pharmaceuticals.

Key stats: 15,000 to 20,000 page views on a typical weekday.1 Over 10,500 Twitter followers.2

Blogger Derek Lowe

2. Practical Fragments:  Read about the mathematical and artistic field of fragment-based drug design (FBDD) here.  The technique dates back to the mid-1990’s,3 and by 2011 it produced its first FDA-approved drug, Zelboraf.4 In 2016, FBDD gifted us with a second oncology drug, Venetoclax.4 Practical Fragments is maintained by Editor in Chief Dan Erlanson, founder of Carmot Therapeutics, and Editor Teddy Zartler, a Pfizer biophysics group leader.

Key stats:  None found, but Practical Fragments’ “web traffic is good and constantly increasing,” Zartler wrote back in April 2012.5

Example of an FBDD workflow






3. Piece by piece. Chemical and Engineering News, 2008, 86, 15–23.



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